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Exogenous Ketones Scam

If you’re on a ketogenic diet or are researching the keto lifestyle, you have no doubt come across a so-called miracle product known as exogenous ketones. There are many variations out there, but the two most popular seem to be KetoOS from a company called PruvitĀ and Julian Bakery’s InstaKetones.

Now, the fact that PruvitĀ is a multi-level marking (MLM) company should be enough to scare people away, but they’ve been around a long time and are really, really good at making their sales pitch sound convincing, which is what draws people to their products.

So what is the pitch? According to Pruvit, dissolving one heaping scoop into 12 to 16 ounces of cold water twice a day provides you with exogenous ketones, which allows you to experience ketosis without having to follow a restrictive diet. As a matter of fact, they even claim that you can experience ketosis without making any modifications whatsoever.

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