Best Low Carb Sweeteners For Keto

Want to know the number one reason people fall off the ketogenic diet wagon? It’s because their craving for sugar gets to be too much for them. In this day and age, sugary foods and beverages are so common in the typical daily diet that when you stop eating them, your body doesn’t like it, which is why cravings are triggered. The good news is that you can beat these cravings and still enjoy delicious sweetness as long as you know about the best low carb sweeteners for keto.

The Best Low Carb Sweeteners


best low carb sweetenersYou’ve probably already sucralose at some point and didn’t even realize it. It is most commonly sold under the national brand name os Splenda and can be found in most restaurants and coffee shops in the United States. There’s a reason that sucralose is so popular. Taste tests have shown that it tastes closer to sugar than any other sweetener on the market. There is also a noticeable lack of artificial aftertaste, which is always a plus.

Many people on keto use sucralose in the form of EZ Sweetz. Even though it’s been on the market for a while, it’s still the new kid on the block when it comes to artificial sweeteners. It was created by actually reverse engineering sugar and changing up its chemical structure. Sucralose also doesn’t have a negative effect on the enamel that protects your teeth like sugar does.

EZ Sweetz is a liquid form of sucralose, which has exploded in popularity over the past year or so. One of the biggest benefits of the liquid is that it’s extremely concentrated. A single drop is the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of sugar, the same as a full packet of Splenda. You can use sucralose in cooking and baking, but if you’re going to do this, you’ll want the granulated version. Splenda has you covered and you use it cup for cup, just like sugar.


best low carb sweetenersYou may have heard Stevia being referred to as the sugar leaf. That alone should tell you all you need to know about how good this sweetener is. From a health benefit standpoint, this is the best product on the list and is only behind sucralose because of how much like sugar sucralose tastes like (although this is a close second.)

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Stevia may be useful in reducing high blood pressure. It can also reduce blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes. Stevia is one of those products that is best when used in liquid form as it is kept completely pure while the granulated version is often mixed with other sweeteners, which can lead to hidden carbs that people on keto don’t need.

Some of the most popular Stevia products include NOW Foods, SweetLeaf, and Pyure.


Third on the list of the best low carb sweeteners is Erythritol. It is a sugar alcohol that can naturally be found in nature, specifically in some fruits and vegetables. Like the previous products, it’s a sugar alcohol and is completely calorie-free. This sweetener is great for the keto diet because it doesn’t have an affect on your blood sugar.

Unlike the previous two products, Erythritol is not as sweet as sugar. If you’re using it for cooking, you may have to use 1 1/4 cup for every cup of sugar the recipe calls for. Some of the most popular brands of this popular sweetener include Anthony’s, NOW Foods, and Hoosier Hill Farm.


Being on a keto diet does not have to mean the end of eating things that are sweet. By choosing any of the options available here, you’ll be able to enjoy healthier versions of your favorites while sticking to your low carb diet.

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