Vegetable Spiral Cutter Are The Perfect Keto Tool

When starting a ketogenic diet, most people prepare themselves to give up all of the foods they love the most. What I’m about to tell you is going to change your way of thinking and potentially change your life. You canvegetable spiral cutter still eat many of your favorite foods, you just have to be a little creative in order to make it happen and a vegetable spiral cutter will help inspire your inner chef.

The number of low-carb items that can be swapped for their high-carb counterparts is staggering. And sometimes, it’s not just about making small swaps but the tools you use when preparing your meals can have a huge impact on the dishes you make.

What if I told you that you can still have spaghetti and lasagna? Or what if I told you that you could still have curly fries and nachos? It’s all about how you prepare it that makes the difference.

Recreate Any Dish With A Vegetable Spiral Cutter

If texture or appearance matter to you, this will make a huge difference in the way you cook. Maybe you’ve been depriving yourself of spaghetti or chicken and shrimp carbonara or fancy-cut “French fries”. The good news is, you don’t have to do that anymore. All of the above dishes can be made into low carb recipes and all you need is a vegetable spiral cutter.

vegetable spiral cutterOnce you own a vegetable spiral cutter, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. There are a few varieties of spiral cutters on the market so you might want to think about what types of dishes you’ll want to recreate. Some vegetable spiral cutters will give your food a curly frie-like appearance while others will allow you to make multiple types of foods such as straight noodles, like spaghetti. You can even make crinkly-sliced rounds so your food has a potato chip-like appearance.

No matter what type of cutter you get, make sure it’s of good quality so it lasts quite a while. It’s better to spend a few dollars more to get blades that are made of sharp stainless steel rather than dull, plastic ones and it’s always neat to have a kitchen gadget that’s multi-purpose.

Vegetable Spiral Cutter Recipes

vegetable spiral cutter

It’s usually pretty easy to modify a recipe, though some can be trickier than others. The main thing you should focus on is how you can replicate the carb-filled food with a low carb version and then swap the other ingredients for low carb options as well.

For example, to the left is a picture of zoodles (zucchini noodles) that have about a half cup of low carb pasta sauce. Two cups of zoodles contains about 5 net carbs but you have to watch out for the sauce. On average, most store-bought pasta sauce contains around 10 net carbs per one-half cup. If that’s all you use, your plate of zoodles will have a total of 15 net carbs.

This can be good and bad. While 15 carbs is a lot to consume for one meal, it’s doable as long as you keep the rest of your carbs low for the day. So, it’s a nice treat to have but not something you’d want to make very often. You can also opt to make your own low-carb pasta sauce but tomatoes naturally have carbs in them, so it’s still important to be careful. vegetable spiral cutter


Another option is to make a white sauce pasta with your zoodles. Shrimp carbonara is a great low carb option as white pasta sauces don’t typically contain the same amount of sugars as tomato-based sauces. The primary reason for this is because they’re made from fat, such as heavy whipping cream or half-and-half, instead of containing sugars and starches.

Vegetable Spiral Cutter Snacks

vegetable spiral cutterIf you have a spiral vegetable cutter that has multiple settings or options, you could even make potato chips by removing the skin from a zucchini and cutting it into small “chips”. There are a lot of “chip” recipes out there, but you could essentially sprinkle some salt on the zucchini slices and bake until crispy.

A less innovative snack idea is just cutting up fun, new shapes to dip in a low carb dressing for when you get the munchies but don’t want to fix a  meal. Depending on the type of vegetable spiral cutter you decide on, you could create endless fun snacks to eat that the whole family will love.

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